Montessori Children

Is Montessori beneficial for kids with learning challenges? What about kids that are gifted?

The Montessori method is created to support every kid in realizing their full potential at their own particular rate. Children in a classroom with a range of abilities form a community where everyone shares knowledge and contributes. Additionally, multiage grouping enables each kid to go at his or her own speed without feeling "ahead of" or "behind" others.

What age ranges are served by Montessori?

Montessori is not just for young children; there are more programs for children aged 3-6 than for any other age group. There are several programs for infants and toddlers (ages 2 months to 3 years), as well as primary schools (ages 6–12), teenage programs (ages 12–15), and even a few Montessori high schools.

Are Montessori students successful in their later years of life?

Studies have shown that Montessori students are intellectually, socially, and emotionally ready for adulthood. Along with performing well on standardized tests, Montessori students also perform better than average on measures like following instructions, submitting work on time, paying attention, using fundamental skills, demonstrating responsibility, asking thought-provoking questions, demonstrating enthusiasm for learning, and adapting to new circumstances.